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The Body Deli, based in California, makes products using raw superfoods such as acai berries. NailKale by Nails Inc. Following the BB cream phenomenon— which spurred a whole category of alphabetical additions: CC, DD and the rest—the global appetite for South Korean beauty is rising.

Bernardin says trends to watch include bubbling beauty products that use carbonic acid, fermented skin care products, and sheets and body masks loaded with skin care properties. Anna-Marie Solowij, beauty consultant and founder of U. In the broader sense, women are starting to make the connection between work stress and visible aging. Fifty-plus, plus and plus consumers are rebelling against traditional age stereotypes, continuing to work and remaining active consumers.

Rodin launched her brand when she was nearly 60, and its USP is that it naturally enhances you to be the best you can be. Expect more brands to tap a celebratory approach to age to reach this audience. Rising life expectancy and larger numbers of vibrant plus and plus consumers mean innovative brands will also start to evolve tailored skin care solutions for older skin.

The global population is aging at an unprecedented rate thanks to factors that include falling birth rates and longer life spans.

The U. Rodin by Linda Rodin. Clever brands will target them without patronizing them. They are also looking for brands and companies with clear values. Toms popularized one-for-one buy one, give one , a great example of this new mode, and has expanded from shoes to eyewear to an entire marketplace in the past year. More companies are starting to employ its model. San Francisco-based food delivery company Munchery, for instance, donates a meal for every meal bought, and Warby Parker has used a donation model with eyewear.

A growing number of brands are focusing on doing rather than talking as a marketing platform, using activism, innovation and philanthropy projects to connect with consumers and inspire marketing content. Kenco, for instance, sources its coffee from some of the most beautiful countries in the world, but many have a strong gang culture. In a campaign executed by JWT London, Kenco has embarked on a yearlong training scheme for at-risk people working in coffee farming—advertising showcases the project, not the coffee.

Patagonia has launched several innovative sustainability initiatives. In , it created an eco-friendly wetsuit with manufacturer Yulex. Rather than lock Yulex into a lengthy exclusive contract, Patagonia signed the company for just a year, inviting competitors to work with the new material to drive down its price.

Do Brands Kenco's Coffee vs. Me Brands This is a way for brands to connect with this spirit and empower it. Pernod Ricard invested the capital and supplied a global recipe, which is adjusted to include local ingredients. The total number of unique iterations possible is now 3. This will make them more open-minded about alternatives. San Francisco chef James Corwell has invented a process that transforms tomatoes into a substance that mimics tuna.

His tomato sushi is available at several California grocers, and a Kickstarter campaign to expand the operation was successful. Food 2. First came juices, then came beauty products and now we have nut milk. Cold-Pressed Everything Alt. Milk, U.

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The humble tin can is being reinvented as a sleek food-packaging device for gourmet stores and restaurants alike. Healthy, ethical fast food will gain momentum in as a raft of virtuous brands appropriates junk style for the Millennial generation. While was the year of hybrid foods, is the year of new alcoholic mashups as distillers and blenders take their core spirits and age them in barrels previously used for other spirits or wines. Liquor Mashups 41 Credit: Photography by Chad Robertson.

The Japanese powdered green tea is becoming the new uber-health drink among hipsters. MatchaBar just launched in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, furnished with the usual hipster accoutrements: industrial stools, polished concrete surfaces, plants, etc. Expect more to come. Credit: Photography NickyDigital. A shot and a beer, once considered a dive-bar order, is getting a high-end twist. Bartenders are moving beyond traditional serves—a lighter-style beer and shot of whiskey on the side, or the infamous boilermaker, where the shot is dropped into the beer—to pair high-end single-malt Scotch or local liqueurs with big, bold ales.

Prepare for more elevated combinations as bartenders look to offer more personalized serves. Bomb Shots Reloaded 44 Credit: Photography by Sean Fennessy. Blame it on the Paleo thing—meat and meat-associated products have become fetishized. The next stage? Broth as the hot Paleo drink of choice. Their mantra, they tell U. The duo highlight the nutritional value of broth, which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as minerals.

In New York, Brodo, a broth takeout, has introduced grass-fed beef broth infused with ginger to the East Village. Brands that do not update their design could lose out—veganism is on the rise. This new crop offers slick branding, a youthful look and a gourmet sensibility. Jugofresh in Miami serves gourmet vegan food and cold-pressed juice; at the Wynwood branch, patrons listen to blasting hip-hop and sit in reclaimed church pews. Veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise, so expect more of this.

Three out of 10 respondents in a Datamonitor study across 24 countries said they are actively trying to limit their daily meat intake.

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Haute Vegan Aspe vendebis nullandis nient enimus modictur sed erro maxim ut aliqui dendam explab incia imporitatat ommoloratios et destiameni rem sitiatur sam ipit maios ea Till the Cows Come Home by Natalie Viaux, Berlin. Will the techies enable us to live forever?

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And should they even try? Almost every disease in the world is linked to aging: We have a one in a thousand chance of getting cancer in the next year at age 30, and a 1 in 10 chance at age Almost everything is like that. Google is backing Calico, a biotech company focused on health and well-being, particularly in relation to aging and associated diseases. Watch this space.

The Tactile Internet The Long Near Game Coupled with this, many are setting up long-view projects to analyze how macro shifts in the economy and consumer trends will affect them. Meanwhile, many businesses are embarking on research projects that focus on the world in New services that help regulate some of the contentious issues around 3D printing could drive wider adoption. Pundits and futurists, meanwhile, continue to raise concerns over intellectual property and quality control. But in some instances, this growth has accelerated ahead of developing a responsible corporate culture.

As these companies reach critical mass, consumers will put more pressure on them to conform to standards expected of corporations in traditional sectors and to build clear cultural codes. There will be moral, political and public relations battles ahead as the public and governments cast a more critical eye over the behavior of Silicon Valley companies.

Energy and Environmental Strategies in the Era of Globalization

And as their exploration continues and advances race ahead, lawmakers will work harder to keep up and establish regulation of new business models, modes of trade and legal loopholes. Facebook was hit with a backlash after manipulating the news feeds of nearly , users to see how that would affect their emotions. Meanwhile, as our digital footprints continue to grow, our awareness of the companies holding our data is also growing. There is a third way.

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New surf, adventurism, the "now" age and mindfulness in business. Ace Hotel Downtown LA. Spiritualism is being adopted by new younger audiences—prompting a wave of retail, media and product concepts that are presenting the movement in a cool way. Call it hippie-dom for the social media age—or a call for higher meaning in an increasingly agnostic society. Spiritualism is gaining mainstream awareness, and new platforms, stores, brands and publications are reinterpreting it for young, hip Millennial audiences. Long associated with entertainment, Los Angeles is reinventing itself as a fashion, tech and innovation hub.

Downtown L. New fashion and retail tech startups abound, and the general tech scene is rising.