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John Corwin.

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But Ivy isn't interested in playing Barbie or hanging out at the mall with her big brother. She's on a mission against evil, and Justin is at the top of her big-bad-meanies list. Before Ivy can carry through on her threats, Justin finds out that she's been kidnapped. The kidnapper is none other than Maximus, a self-styled rebel leader of his own army of vampires who once kidnapped Justin's father.

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With Justin's innate ability to sway others against all odds into not only agreeing with him, but also forming a rag-tag 'family' of supers, he continues on his quest to search for his sister and solve the riddle of foreseeance He's like the ultimate YA supernatural underdog you just can't help but root for. Tendrils of plot laid out even in book 1, Sweet Blood of Mine, continue to weave to a heart-pumping tale with further complications and revelations.

So basically, just as you think you have a handle on what is going on, and how it might play out, a ginormous vampling horde runs all over your carefully thought out plan for the future and tramples it. The track may twist and turn more than I anticipated, but I'm riding this train in anticipation of the next book.

Each ending may leave a on a happier note, a 'Happy For Now' rather than even after, but that doesn't dilute the desire for the next book. I'm just on pins and needles to see just what is next in store for Justin! My thoughts are my own, and my status as a self-proclaimed book pimp are entirely voluntary. This installment begins shortly after the events of Fallen Angel of Mine and Justn is thrown for an emotional loop when his long lost sister Ivy shows at a funeral he's attending.

But Ivy is not interested in a family reunion - she is more interested in Justin's end because she is convinced he inherited all of their father's evil. As he ponders how to get in touch with her 4.

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As he ponders how to get in touch with her again and make her see the light, Ivy is kidnapped by Maximus. Justin gathers his "super friends" and skills to mount a rescue but finds himself captured by Maximus' minions. Elyssa is not asleep at the wheel as she is busy figuring out how Maximus plans to defeat the Templars and how they seem to always be one step ahead. There is excitement woven throughout this busy episode with battles, captures, escapes, surprise hostages, betrayal, surprise allies and even more surprising enemies as more is revealed about this diabolical bid for world domination - but once again it isn't too busy.

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Everything is balanced perfectly and there is just enough so that you're not overwhelmed and keep your eyes blurring across the pages. As usual for this series its fast paced, deepens the arc and traits for the leads and gives the secondary characters meaty bits as they push the exposition.

It's a perfect YA series with a male protagonist. View all 4 comments. Mar 03, Iori rated it it was amazing.

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I love this book. This is the fourth book in the Overworld Chronicles As usual this book was another action packed book some truly amazing revelations regarding who or what Justin Mom is. In this book we finally get to see a little of Justin's sister Ivy and his grandfather the head of the Conroy family. There's still a lot of mystery about that family that has to be discover also we see Justin's all friends from school and things between Justin and Thomas are better they seem to have come to a understanding.

Can't wait for the next book in this series I have a feeling that Ivy will be a handful but like everyone else she'll come around eventually. Keeps getting better This series started kinda slow for me. I like when it jumps right into the gripping g and good stuff. I am so glad that I got that first book. I am glad that I continued with it.

Each books brings new unique worlds and interesting characters. I can't wait to see what Justin and Elyssa get them into by trying to helps Justin's brainwashed sister. I love it. Next book here I come!!! Apr 23, Joan rated it it was ok Shelves: ya-literature , vampires , paranormal.

Egregious use of dues ex machina, things just conveniently happen for the main character at this point the book drags on for too long Character moments interaction moments are trying to be endearing but just drag on. Good Think I have finally gotten the hang of this world. I can truly enjoy the book without having to think about how it all fits.

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Even the reveal about Justin, though surprising was understandable, even made a couple other things make sense. Nov 07, Michael rated it really liked it. This one has much better pacing than the last. The story is getting better and the characters are getting better.

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Great read This story Amos up the danger and excitement. Looking forward to reading more and to see how the adventures come. I feel awful for being the only bad rating here The first book, wow, I'm going to go and give it five stars in a second Come on, john cowin, what are you doing? You had such a great beginning, then the story drifted in and out of an in discernible storyline.

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I was so excited to see the world you had teased us in I feel awful for being the only bad rating here I was so excited to see the world you had teased us in the first book, only to create a setting which was badly thought-out and, quite frankly, laughable. The thing about a series is that, yes, drag-it-out, explore the world a bit, but keep the plot building! Keep a story going, unless you do this you get a series of irritated readers that just want to chuck the book out of the window because they just have no idea what the hell is going on and why they're reading it.

I loved the characters, but they weren't enough to keep me going, I found myself flicking through chunks of the books, the numbers of pages I missed gradually getting larger with each book until, finally, it came to me avoiding the next book entirely. I hoped it would better, I knew the author could do it, but the pacing is just goddamn awful.

I felt as though quite a number of books and scenes from the other books could be negated quite easily, then you'd probably be left with half-a-book with a descent story. Urgh, a disappointed reader. Apr 28, Jagged rated it liked it. Well, this was definitely not as exciting as the predecessors.

I think this might be due to the redundancy of it all. It pretty much felt like a repeat--which Justin even pointed out. I can't help but enjoy the cheesiness of this series. Corwin knows it;s cheesy and he totally plays it just right. I really enjoy the nerdy angle taken here. It's refreshing and just makes it easier to relate to Justin as a character. He feels approachable. It's not hard to believe that he would accrue himself an Well, this was definitely not as exciting as the predecessors.

It's not hard to believe that he would accrue himself an unlikely entourage with his charismatic attitude and drive to do what's right. I do have to say that the over abundance of conveniences that sprouted up in this book really turned me off. Justin really didn't have to work for anything in this book.

Everything, and I mean everything , fell into his lap. Now, Corwin is very creative, so I was really disappointed. This book, like the others, also held a lot of villain info-dumping.